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     Educational excellence, unwavering dedication and outstanding child care. Those are the values that Executive Kids of Verona stands for.


     Demand for daycare facilities continue to grow day by day, but all too often, pre schools are only able to focus on either allowing the child to enjoy their childhood and develop naturally or forcing the child to focus only on mental development in order to achieve high test scores later on in life.


     Executive Kids of Verona is different. We promote physical activities in large open areas and a wide variety of educational games, but we also have a small library and various arts and crafts for your child to unleash his or her full creative and intellectual potential.  Academic excellence is what we want to achieve as long as the child is engaging in activities that are enjoyable.  Children will learn through play and play time can be very educational. Our curriculium is developed to create an atmosphere to do just this


     Our goal is to promote every child's development individually using an appropriate mix of academic and recreational activities.



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Main Campus

271 Grove Ave

Verona, NJ 07044


Brookdale Campus

(inside Brookdale Elementary)

14 Brookdale Court

Verona, NJ 07044



(973) 571- 9515


Business hours

Monday through Friday

7:00 am to 6:30 pm


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     Our monthly News Letter our uploaded to our website each month.  Please print one so our daily activities are at your finger tips!

Healthy Hot Lunch Program

    We serve a Healthy Hot lunch daily. Our lunches consist of a protein, fruit, vegetable, snack and beverage. For a complete menu and order form please click Here

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