Executive Kids of Verona
Executive Kids of Verona

It's All About Your Child

At Executive Kids of Verona, we have a deep understanding of what makes children tick. Our focus is on helping them develop their potential through a healthy mix of educational and recreational activities.


It's up to all of us - including the parents - to encourage our kids to bolster their own personal development, independence and creativity. Because this cannot be done without the support of family and friends, we support the parents in educating their children in a manner that is consistent with their own values and beliefs.


Together, we can prepare your child for the wonderful life that lies ahead!


What children need is what they get at Executive Kids of Verona:

     *A positive environment to help build a good feeling of self worth

     *Freedom to develop creativity

  •      *Early exposure to languages (spanish and sign)
  •      *Computer awareness
  •      *Early music education
  •      *Exercise
  •      *Preschool-level academic work
  •      *A hug and a smile....
  •             And so much more!!!

Would you like to learn more about our approach?

Call us at  (973) 571-9515 or fill out our contact form.

We're Here for You


Main Campus

271 Grove Ave

Verona, NJ 07044


Brookdale Campus

(inside Brookdale Elementary)

14 Brookdale Court

Verona, NJ 07044



(973) 571- 9515


Business hours

Monday through Friday

7:00 am to 6:30 pm


Or use our contact form.


     Our monthly News Letter our uploaded to our website each month.  Please print one so our daily activities are at your finger tips!

Healthy Hot Lunch Program

    We serve a Healthy Hot lunch daily. Our lunches consist of a protein, fruit, vegetable, snack and beverage. For a complete menu and order form please click Here

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